Enhanced Sports Tape

Sale price$19.99

Color: Black
Size: 5x5m


Specifiation : 

The tape is designed to help increase blood flow around muscles, thereby enhancing the body's natural healing process. It is non-restrictive and allows all-round movement; the wavy adhesive backing moves with the skin and muscles.

Support your muscles and joints without restricting movement

Correct joint misalignment and improve proprioception

Normalize muscle function, improve lymph and blood

The flux uses 100% medical glue, no need to worry about allergies

Waterproof and breathable

There is a scale on the back for easy cutting

Other details:

Extensibility: 140%

Material: cotton + medical glue

Ribbon length: 5M / 197inch (approximately)

Ribbon width: 5 cm/1.97 inch (approximately)

Package Contents:

  1 X 5M Kinesio tape